5 Reasons to Visit Dundee After Lockdown

With the coronavirus pandemic still looming over us, summer stay-cations are looking more and more likely, and what better place to head to than Scotland. With dramatic landscapes, rich heritage, and huge diversity, it makes for the ideal UK getaway. But nowhere in Scotland compares to Dundee, the home we know and love.

Here are the top five reasons you should visit Dundee as soon as you possibly can.

1 – Dundee boasts incredible design

Not only is Dundee a UNESCO City of Design, but it is also home to the only V&A museum worldwide that sits outside of London. Although it has closed its doors to the public at the moment, it is well worth a visit when it reopens. The V&A Dundee is also Scotland’s first design museum, so if you’re a creative or simply love wandering through impressive exhibition halls, you won’t find displays like this anywhere else in our country.

V&A Dundee

2 – Dundee is Scotland’s sunniest city

As beautiful as Scotland is, its weather doesn’t have the best reputation. However, Dundee is Scotland’s sunniest city, so if you’re looking for an alternative to a warm summer holiday abroad, it could be your best bet. Thanks to the neighbouring award-winning seaside town of Broughty Ferry, a relatively unknown gem, you’ll also be able to take a trip to the beach. It may not be the South of France, but you’ll be treated to some true Scottish wildlife and plenty of sand and sea.

Broughty Ferry Beach

3 – Dundee is a compact city

Dundee is also a compact city, containing a wealth of heritage and history in only a small area. This means travel and navigation are straightforward, and you’ll spend less time orientating yourself and spend more time learning and exploring everything the city has to offer. There is also next to no traffic, giving you better use of your valuable holiday time.

Dundee city centre

4 – Dundee is steeped in history

While Dundee has a lot to offer now, the city’s history is even more impressive. Known for the three J’s – jute, jam, and journalism – Dundee was a prominent part of the industrial revolution where it became the world capital of jute production, earning the nickname “Juteopolis”. You can learn about the city’s fascinating jute history at Verdant Works, a beautifully refurbished jute mill. Dundee was also a prominent trading port and the site of many historical battles that took place on the Tay, each with their own stories waiting to be told.

Verdant Works

5 – Dundee has nature on its doorstep

Despite being a city, Dundee is also surrounded by natural Scottish beauty, including the Cairngorms National Park. This is Britain’s largest National Park, with glens stretching from the outskirts of Dundee up to Inverness. Perhaps one of the most spectacular walks is the climb of Glen Clova, offering superb views from the top and an abundance of true Scottish wildlife all year round, and only a short drive from the city.

Glen Clova