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Our Story

Hi I am Ian the proud new owner of Henry and I’d like to tell you a little about myself and how I found Henry. Over 30 years ago I started a small but rewarding taxi business which as you can imagine involved late nights, long hours but many happy customers. during this time I discovered through listening to what my customers wanted that it was possible to grow my business and venture in to larger vehicles so my first 16 seater minibus was purchased. it was nothing fancy but to me I was king of the road in my 16 seater transit minibus. I always aim to give my customers something different to make their journey special. I began to realise customers wanted something different so the 16 seater transit became a karaoke bus which pretty much describes how I feel about my business. I don’t want to give my customers ordinary I want their journey to be memorable. Eventually the karaoke bus had to go, as times were changing and so were customers needs they were asking for luxury.

It was time to invest in luxury motors with comfier seats, tables & chiller units, the business went from strength to strength. My goal was to have the best vehicles with the best drivers offering the best customer service and I am proud to say we have achieved this. I never lose sight of what customers want or how to make their journey memorable and I like to bring the wow factor into the business, so when I saw Henry up for sale I knew I had to add him to my business. Henry’s previous owner Angie spoke of Henry as a person and with a passion to make sure his new owner knew how special he was and we certainly do now, Henry is indoors sheltered from the weather and my staff take just a little longer making Henry shine as he has become one of the team.

He is Oor Henry.

Henry is quirky, he’s cute, and he’s luxury. Everyone stops to stare when he is out on his travels. I am proud to say once you meet Henry, you’ll fall in love with him. Get in touch to enquire.