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Our Story

I’m Angie, Henry’s proud owner, and this is our love story…

Having lived in the local area of Dundee for the past thirty years, I used to see Henry driving around in his wedding finery and he used to make me smile. He was quaint, vintage, and very handsome.

Around ten years ago, my father turned eighty and the whole family planned to get together for the occasion. This was obviously a huge celebration in itself, but at the time my sister was also at the late stages of her chemotherapy treatment, and my father’s birthday was one of the rare occasions she was able to make. We organised to use Maggie’s Cancer Centre at Ninewells – who I was on the fundraising committee for at the time – for the birthday meal. For anyone who doesn’t know the venue, it’s a beautiful and unique building by architect Frank Gehry.

Angie Gatford

I knew Henry would be the ideal addition to the day, both to match the special event and the venue. Back then, Henry was solely a wedding car, but I was able to convince the owner to let me hire him for the day. When he drew up outside my father’s house, there were gasps of admiration. The joy on my sister’s and father’s faces was magical and a memory I treasure, and my love for Henry solidified. The grandchildren got a little spin in Henry and our party travelled together in luxury and splendour, sipping our champagne, chatting, and laughing.

Years later, after working in tourism abroad, I returned to Dundee and realised there was no local tour operator for the area and decided this was something I wanted to pursue. Having moved around a lot when I was younger, Dundee had captured my heart and made itself my home, and I believed that the beauty and history of the area should be shared with anyone who visits. Yet, I wanted to use a unique type of transport for my tours, so that people could feel the same way me and my family did when we rode in Henry.

Me and Henry’s previous owner Aileen had become great friends since my father’s eightieth, but she had sold her entire wedding car fleet a few years prior… or so I thought! After mentioning my idea to Aileen, she let me know that she still had Henry in storge. Aileen had found Henry in a scrapyard in Ireland where he had been a local country bus, brought him back to Scotland, and transformed him to his present glory. Their history meant she was unable to let go of Henry until the right owner came along… me! 

Hands were shaken that day and Aileen agreed to hand Henry over to me to carry on providing luxurious wedding transport, but also for private hire and tours. I wanted to let everyone make unforgettable memories like the ones I have with my family.

Once you meet Henry, you’ll fall in love with him. Get in touch to enquire about hiring Henry.